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1991 Chevrolet Lumina clunks while accelerating

So, today while driving around in my 1991 3.1 V6 Lumina with 139k miles on it I noticed two strange things. One being that there seems to be some strange clicking almost slight clunking (it’s quite loud) when accelerating fairly hard (starts when the pedal is about halfway). When idling or slowly accelerating however it’s fine. The next issue is when going over about 45mph and accelerating the car feeling like it’s “juttering” it’s hard to describe, once I stop accelerating or going slower it’s fine. Any ideas?

My first thought is engine/transmission mounts.

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I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at those, I need to check the trans anyways because it also shifts hard into 3rd sometimes under heavy acceleration. Gonna check the fluid for that one.

I’m thinking CV joints and/or torque converter shudder are where to start. If it is worse when turning, definitely consider the CV joints. Engine/transmission mounts are equally likely. Some part of the exhaust system may be interfering due to engine movement.

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Sorry for late reply but it doesn’t change at all while turning, I have started thinking it could be the exhaust too but mounts are on my list of things to look at too.