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1991 Chevrolet Caprice Classic - New Fuel Pump/Now Missing

I have a 1991 caprice classic was running good and the fuel pump went out and we have replace fuel pump and the car started missing. This is our second car and we don’t run it too much just simple grocery trips here and there. Can you recommend me on what I can do at this time to fix it.

Did you replace the fuel filter also?

No I did not , could that be a problem.

Yes, it could be. The filter is generally changed when the pump is changed. A bad filter can restrict fuel flow affecting performance and can burn out a pump. It can be tested with a fuel pressure gage, but you might as well replace it because it should be done anyways, and it might solve your problem.

Thank you for that information and I also have another question what can i do if i have a 2006 VW Passat and the engine froze. I just bought it and was it because I thought it had plenty of oils needed No oil light came on but now its frozen what can I do.

Thanks Angelina from San Antonio Texas

I guess you did not check the oil level . Your choice now is a engine rebuild ( might be too expensive ) or finding a used engine that will be a gamble . It all depends on how cheap you got this vehicle and if you want to put more money into it.

Thanks for your answers you been a great help