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1991 Cadillac Sedan Deville Starting Problem

I have a long history here. It started out like typical GM product starter problems. Car refuses to start. Turn key, get no click, bet no start. I banged on the starter a few times to get it to start. I replaced starter. One year later…same problem getting ready to leave on trip. Replaced starter. 7 hours later I gassed up and when I tried to start the car…same problem. Clled tow truck but for somereason Itried the starter before he got there…perfect start. Lots of experimence now, several mechanics looked at it including an electronics specialty shop and nobody finds anything. Replaced some of the components like relays…no help. Doesn’t happen all the time and may not happen too often. Winter summer spring fall. No correlation. When it happens time heals it. Usually just 5-10 minutes.

184000 miles on car.

Has anybody seen this, know what it is, or fixed it?

Bob in Cincinnati

Remove both battery cables. On the positive cable, peel back the red rubber cover that protects the positive terminals. If you find a white/greenish powder under this rubber cover, replace the positive battery cable assembly.


where are you getting the starters from?

reman?(if reman good luck these days) i just hung three alts on one car in two days because the remans still had the old regulator on them.but i got paid three times.(love cust request for remans and bone yard parts) pays over and over again.


as stated above great place to start.(LITTLE GREEN REMOVAL)

good luck

If the starter solenoid isn’t working when you turn the key to START then check the safety switch. If it is working then check the main battery cable as Tester suggested.