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1990 toyota pick up 4 speed 4 cly

my truck started missing about 3 weeks ago gave it new plugs wires ditrib cap rotor but no good it stops missing after driving about 10 miles help

Are you losing coolant? Was one of the plugs discolored? A head gasket failure could leak coolant into a cylinder when the engine is shut down hot and the coolant would short the plug until the heat and blast of incoming air dried it. If the #4 plug indicated coolant contamination I seem to recall the EGR port causing a similar problem on a 22R.

not losing coolant or oil engine light not on did not replace pcv or gas filter

Better check that valve lash, quick.

If this is the 22R with the 2-bbl carb, the problem could be the Auxillary Accelerator Pump. This vacuum-actuated pump operates only when the engine is cold to supplement the throttle-operated accelerator pump that was down-sized to improve emissions. But, when these AAPs get old, they leak raw gas through the vacuum line, making the engine run very rich, enough to mimic a mis-firing engine. The only fix is a rebuild, but a temporary work-around is to diconnect and cap the AAP. The AAP is a small vaccum disc on the side of the carb near the front, facing the cylinder head. The vaccum line goes to a temperature-controlled vacuum switch that turns off the engine vaccum once the engine warms up. Remove the vaccum line at the AAP and TCV, and cap both ends.

If you drive the truck easy until it is warmed up, you may never need the AAP. I drove my truck for years, passing emissions every year, after I did this to my 1990 Toy truck.

BustedK may be right, but I believe in 1990 they went to the 22RE, the throttle body injected version.

One thing that both of these version had in common was a coil that became heat sensitive over time. While the mode of failure would be unusual, it’s something else to consider.

“reading” the sparkplugs may yield a clue as well. I’ve attached a chart to help.