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1990 Toyota LE

4 cylinder with 106,000 miles cannot get a solution from my mechanic. I need to warm the car up for at least 10 minutes before I go anywhere in no matter time of year or time of day or even if I have just driven it and turnd it off. It sputters at stops and when I give it gas it struggles but goes. Check engine light never goes on. I have been using Seafoam for the last 3 months (twice per mo). It’s hard to see if the Seafoam was working or not. I had the distributor changed and a tune-up in Oct '09. Changed the fuel filter in March 2010, and again July 4 (fuel filter was clean). Now the car sputters and then dies after stops (but is tempermental and sometimes it goes for awhile). Sputtering and stalling is getting more frequent. Occasionally it blows greyish blue smoke at the first start of the day. I am frantic. I even had my mechanic uncle check it out and he is frustrated and has me afraid to even drive the car. Please help me :frowning:

Have your mechanic test the EGR system to see if its stuck open.


I think he already has, but I will run it by him.