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1990 mazda pickup

newest problem: apparent hose leak (or clamp) on hose to temperature gauge…thought it was problem with water pump, but thats not leaking…ongoing problem-heat takes forever to come up, eventually gets warm and also defrosts window, but…husband and son say fan is ok. commemts???thanks in advance

Check for an open thermostat. Could also be air in the heater that needs to be purged.

There is no hose to the temperature gauge. The gauge is electric, so it operates via wire, from the coolant temperature sender. This has nothing to do with the time it takes for the engine to warm up.

Install a new thermostat. You’ll get heat more quickly, as intended. The thermostat is usually the culprit when an engine warms up too slowly. Thermostats are not expensive to replace, and a new one will, we hope, make you happy.

If hoses are leaking, replace them!

Check the menu items, in blue, for the parts of the heater control system: Some vehicles have a valve which opens/closes the water hose to the heater core. If that valve isn’t fully opening, there will be little.
Mostly, it seems you are in need of a mechanic.

thanks, I’ll relay the comments to my son…
i know I probably misunderstood @ where the hose is,
they are replacing the hose and /or clamp as needed tomorrow…
also thanks for the link, http://www…5280076ce1