1990 le baron starts but wont run

I Have a 1990 Le baron it has been sitting about a year when i bought it i drove it onto a trailer the into the shop had to replace the turn signal switch i had stop and topped off the fuel tank now the car will start but shuts off like there is no fuel or the spark has stoped any ideas

Try a new fuel filter.

First of all after a year you many items to look at 1.is fuel filter and all the gas left in tank is bad I would drain all the gas out take off filter place bottle on end of fuel line turn on key and let the pump push the rest out this will tell you if pump is still working if so install new filter easy job it under car right side under rear seat. second check air filter to see if it is clean. third pull out spark plugs
and replace them this if this is a four bang it will run on three plugs. 4. pull dis cap off and check studs where rotor meets them they are corroded from seating. I think to get plugs wire out cap you must do from inside cap do not just pull on the wire. if this is turbo you duel
dist pick up,s not a single mag pick up. next the timing belt is rotten from setting it will easy for belt have broken or jump. of 4cyl this not hard to change. just remove cover put #1 cyl tdc and turn cam and match the timing marks. there is a special tool to put the proper tension on new belt but if you put just a litte press on belt you will ok DO NOT MAKE IT TIGHT OR BELT WILL BLOW OFF OR BRAKE OR MUST FLEX AS ENGINE GO UP AND DOWN WITH RPM,S the tool from the factory is just a small weight that only puts about 1/2 ound of pressure on belt. if this a v6 and your not sure go to shop. start with these first I feel if you change gas and put plugs in it will start. any more email me mrpittsburgh5 @yahoo.com