1990 Jeep Cherokee Balking after short drives!


It sets for a day or more.

I crank it and drive say 15 minutes for an errand. Its sets for a few minutes. I crank and leave and it runs rough. Kinda like a burbling effect and when accelerating, it stumbles and shudders and doesn’t have smooth continuous power. It will still go but haltingly. Small surges sometimes.

Anyone have an idea what may be causing this.



Try a clean fuel filter. Then, swap the ASD relay (or, fuel pump relay) with the horn relay.



ok I’ll replace the filter and if I can fig out where those are I’ll try and swap them.

Also, found this http://dodgeram.org/tech/gas/Trouble/Fault-42.htm

More info on the ASD, which I’ve never heard of till now.

Thanks for your advice and comments.

Really like the vehicle too.




So all those relays are interchangeable & operate the same huh?

Swapping them out is a way to troubleshoot…, I see…

I looked at the manual and no pic where the AS relay is. Somewhere inside the engine compartment. I assume the horn relay is inside under the dash?