1990 Infinity Q45


Does the 1990 infinity have freon or does it use R134a refrigerent?


Cars and trucks, from 1993 to present day, use refrigerant R134a. Cars and trucks before 1993 used Freon (or, possibly, another refrigerant). Many pre-1993 cars and trucks have been converted to Refrigerant R134a.


I found this, it looked like something you could use:


Apparently the Q45 started using R-134a in 1994, so your system should be R-12 unless someone hacked it. The good news is R-12 is considerably more efficient than R-134a, the bad news is it’s getting a tad expensive (I just paid about $60 per pound to have a shop recharge the system in one of my cars), and you (supposedly) can’t buy it yourself without a license (unless you shop on ebay). Avoid the temptation to “convert” it to R-134a (don’t ask how I know).


I have a couple of small cans of the old stuff (still sealed) If you are in the central Ohio area, They are free, just pick them up.

(same deal if anyone else needs them, first come first served.)


Thanks for the information, very helpful.


thanks craig, you guys were very helpful.


I appreciate the offer, I am stuck way down here in Alabama.