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1990 Audi V8

I have a “Limited Edition” 1990 Quattro V8.

Dealer tells me less then 500 of this paticular model sent to US?

I have no owners manual and need to figure out some of the msgs. it is sending on control panal.

There is a round circle w/3 dashes on either side?

I am trying to sell in central New York as it is a perfect winter car but need tht light off! HELP!!!

It means the brake pads are worn down.

If it were mind I would Google for an owner’s manual. I believe you will find one.

If you’re expecting a high price for your Audi because of its rarity, you may be disappointed. Even though few in number, these aren’t being collected.

If that’s one with the ’ bell ’ rotors be prepared for major $$$$ !

That’s the problem with older Audis, big repair $$$, worse with rarer ones like the V8.