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1989 volvo or honda?

Hi, I am looking to spend $1000 for a car and have found a 1989 volvo 240 with 160K and an automatic transmission and an '89 honda accord with 123K with a manual transmission.

Any suggestions on which one to choose?


Go for the Honda manual, by all means. if it checks out OK.

The Volvo will be a money pit sooner or later. The automatic will be the first to go, totalling the car. All Volvo parts and repairs will be very expensive.

Having said that, ANY car that old is a crap shoot, The Honda with manual is just a better crap shoot with better odds. One of my relatives still has a 1987 Honda with manual. It is still reliable and affordable to fix.

The Honda no question.
Even if you have to sink some $$ to get it in tip top shape you’ll end up with a better vehicle.
Pay close attention to rubber and plastic parts, suspension parts and brakes.
Honda engines of that vintage last practically forever on a steady diet of clean oil.

The Honda, as long as it’s fuel injected…If it’s carbureted, walk away from BOTH of them.

Thank you all for your feedback. I appreciate it.


Good call Caddyman.
When my cousin bought his '87 Accord brand new I urged him to pay a few extra $ for fuel injection.
He never regretted it.
That was based on my experience with a carbureted '81 Accord (later “Weberized”) and an '85 fuel injected Accord SEi.