1989 Pontiac 6000 LE


My son has a 1989 Pontiac 6000 that was running fine. Recently, in thelast 4 months it has developed the desire to quit running after 23-28 minutes. After taking it to two separate mechanics and spending $800 for what were supposed to be sure fixes for it, we have resorted to process of elimination. The mechanics changed the o2 sensor and the radiator.

Since that time I have replaced the o2 sensor again,replaced coolant level sensor, the coolant temp sensor, all of the relays by the front right headlight, the fuel pump, the fuel filter twice, the module and all 3 coils, and spent endless hours banging my head on the wall. It still will only run for 25 minutes then dies. When it dies it will not start again till it has apparently cooled down. Help!!!


I have had several of these cars, and it sounds like it is either the ignition module or the crank sensor gone bad. When the engine warms up, broken contacts in the components expand and break the circuit. When it dies, does it turn off just like a switch, or does it stumble like it is starving for fuel?

Of course first you should see if it is a fuel or spark problem. When the car dies and wont restart, pull a spark plug wire and check for spark.

Ive had to replace several ignition modules on these cars, but never had to replace a crank sensor (though I know a few who have had to). The ignition module is more costly, but easier to replace.



Second vote for the ignition module in the distributor. My 1985 had the same problem, but mine took about 90 minutes to act up.


The 89 has no distributor, but does have a module. It will get worse sooner or later. When one of mine acted up, it was about 10 minutes, then 8 minutes, then it left me on the side of the road in a subzero snowstorm. Had it towed 7 miles home. Started it the next morning and it ran for 2 minutes. Put in a new module and its been fine ever since about 2003.