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1989 honda accord dx

i have 2 problems. problem 1; the car will not idle with the ac on, goes dead. problem 2; the tank has a capacity of 15.9 gal. but after 10 gal. have been used i have to put gas in for the car to run.

The first problem might be caused from a defective Idle Air Control/Idle Air Bypass valve failing to go to the proper position to compensate for the extra load the AC compressor is imposing on the engine thereby causing the engine to stall.

The second problem might be caused from a weak fuel pump. When the gas tank is full, the level of gas in the gas tank provides what is called head pressure. This head pressure can assist the weak fuel pump in delivering the proper fuel pressure. As the level of gas in the gas tank decreases the head pressure decreases. The head pressure then drops to a point where it no longer assists the weak fuel pump and the fuel pressure drops to a point where the engine runs rough or stalls out.


is it hard to change the fuel pump

There’s a removable panel on the left side of the trunk that allows access to the fuel lines/electrical connector to the fuel pump. However, In order to remove the fuel pump the gas tank may need to be lowered or removed to do so.