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1989 Ford E-150 Econoline Cargo Van Vapor locking?

I have a 1989 Ford E-150 Econoline Cargo Van with a 6-cylinder 4.9 EFI engine and an automatic tranny.

The van runs great in cold weather but as soon as it starts getting hot (like now) it will run about 20 minutes and then shut down…as if it is vapor locking. I have to let it sit for 20 minutes to an hour - depending on how hot it is outside before I can get it runnung again. I am broke-down on the Interstate and a 30 minute drive can easily take me 2 or 3 hours, not to mention I am sweating like crazy in the heat.

I have replaced the electronic fuel pump, fuel filter, EGR Valve, EGR Sensor, O2 Sensor…

Based on responses that appear to be on the mark I replaced the Ignition control module, new spark plugs, wires, distributor cap & rotor, and PVC valve. Got on the road and after about 15 minutes down the highway the oil pressure gage dropped to zero (I HAVE TRIPLE CHECKED THE OIL AND IT IS FILLED TO THE APPROPRIATE LEVEL) and a few minutes later the check engine light came on…5 minutes after the check engine light came on it started hesitating…doing its slow roll and die dance on the highway. I had a friend follow me this time, so fortunately I was not stranded. Yup, the van sits well off the highway in time-out since it will not run.

Could it be the Oil pressure switch? Or the ECM? I am baffled and still broke down.

Peace all

You probably just need a new engine. No problem. You can replace the vehicle for less than that. Vapor lock usually (never) stalls an engine. After you look for an external capacitor on a distributor or coil and disconnect it, you might get somewhere. Whenever I saw a Ford or Chrysler that did what yours did I would cut them off or disconnect them and the car would run fine after that. You want it to run, right? It’s useless if it doesn’t.

I haven’t heard of a car vaporlocking in many years, maybe they still do tho.