1989 Chevy Pickup fuel pump

1989 Chevy Pickup C1500 5.7L engine. I have put three new fuel pumps in and they run but no fuel comes out at the pump. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you putting in a pump-only kit and no new strainer ?
Is there mud/silt in the tank you didn’t clean out ?
Is the pick up tube bent ?
Where are you testing for fuel flow ? at the pump or at the intake ? ( if at the intake , did you not put on a new fuel filter ? )

Immersed pump with no strainer in fuel. pump runs no fuel flow at pump. Pick up tube is clear and not bent. Testing for flow at pump.

Check your polarity.

++ Rod Knox – my thoughts exactly!!

The plug only goes in one way.

Did you install the complete assembly or the pump only?

If you installed the pump only there is a rubber nipple on the pump intake that must be removed to install the sock filter and those pumps come with several harnesses to enable installing in various models, the harnesses can be improperly installed, reversing polarity.

O.K. I will look at that. Thank You.