My dad is stuck

My parents gave me a Celebrity Wagon ( I don’t know the year.) While I was cleaning it he tried to start it. But it wouldn’t so he figured out was wrong. It was bad fuel pump and fuel tank. So he bought a new pump and tank, and he put in more gas. But now no fuel is leaving the tank. He doesn’t know what is wrong and he won’t go anywhere for help. SO Now I am stuck at home til this gets fixed. Any ideas out there as to what it wrong, and what should be done? Thanks for the help!

Perhaps the pump/tank isn’t wired properly or maybe the fuel pump relay has tripped.

Open the hood, and next to the brake master cylinder you’ll find a wire with a connector on the end plugged into nothing. This is the assembly line fuel pump prime wire. Run a jumper wire from the positive battery terminal to the end of this wire. Try starting the engine. If the engine starts there’s a problem in the fuel pump control circuit. If the engine doesn’t start, there’s nothing wrong with the fuel pump circuit.


If no power is getting to the pump then check the fuel pump relay and fuses also for a problem. If the pump is getting voltage make sure the it isn’t running backwards due to the polarity being reversed. If the new pump had a connector on it then I doubt you have a polarity issue.