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1988 VW Cabriolet Fuel Pump

I’m thinking of buying a 1988 VW CAbriolet, 81K miles, the current owner has said that when the car heats up it dies, i’ve read that it might be the fuel pump, or the line going to the fuel pump…my question is, are these cars dependable and is $2500 a good price for a car like this in clean condition? I know it needs some TLC, probably some front end work, probably new belts and hoses and a new AC but I’ve heard these are pretty reliable cars

They are good cars but this one is a quarter of a century old and overpriced in my opinion.

The pump could be the cause of the dying problem but I’m leaning against that actually being the cause. As to what it is, I have no idea without knowing if the problem is due to lack of spark or fuel.

And the seller wants 2500 bucks for this thing with an unknown dying problem, front end work, along with belts/hoses and AC work? Tell them to fix all of that stuff and then you’ll talk.