1988 Volkswagen Golf

I need some help. I just bought a 1988 VW Golf GT, which most would think is not a good purchase, but it was a good cash car. I am having an issue with the speedometer and the odometer not working. However the tackometer is working…The fuse looks good, any ideas?

It is likely the speedometer cable, it may be disconnected either at the dash or transmission.

any ideas where to look for this? Also, the Temp Monitor for the engine does not work???

A Haynes manual should show you where to find the cable. I’m assuming they were still using cables in '88 and not vehicle speed sensors, but if not the manual will tell you that.

It may have some tips of removing the cable too. My '89 Toyota pickup required the tranny end to be disconnected to provide enough slack to pull the instrument cluster forward and disconnect it…which I had to do to replace the dash lights…blah!

Old VW = get Haynes now!

If you’ve got a manual transmission, you can deduce your speed from how many RPM’s you’re turning and what gear you’re in. If it were me, I’d make a table of what your engine speed will be in each gear at 25,35,45,55,65, and 75 mph and tape it over the speedometer.

Or I guess you could fix the speedometer cable. I know some of this era of VW’s had a two part cable so you might only need to replace one half of it. If this is the case, figure out which one’s easier to get at and remove it first and test it by making sure it’s turning freely. I think the VW speedo cables just snap in, so another possibility is that the thing has just fallen out.

Wrong! Old VW=get Bentley Publishing Co’s official factory repair manual! It’ll cost about the same online and is a vastly superior manual.

Right you are - I spaced on that. Here’s a web link for the Bentley manual you need: http://www.bentleypublishers.com/product.htm?code=vg92

$60, well worth it.