1988 toyota 22re


when i start off from a stop light my truck grumbles until it gets to about 2000 rpms in 1st gear then is does it in 2nd also and really lightly in 3rd. i was wondering if this is normal or my timing or vavle clarance is off maybe my air/fuel mixture


This “grumble” is it a noise, or a sensation? or both?

Is it a engine /rpm related, does this happen when you just slowly rev up the engine, with no load? Without being there, it is hard to diagnose without more info. Since you mention it happens in all gears, does it still “grumble” when you put the clutch in, and coast, at those speeds? Maybe the throw out bearing is going, and you need a clutch?! Also, this could be a bad wheel bearing, or a bad drive shaft u joint. actually the Ujoint sounds really likely. Has the drive shaft been clunking for a while until recently?


it doesnt do the grumbling if you just rev it only under load i just put a clutch and t/o bearing in last year my drive line does clunk but it seems to be coming from the front drivers side if that helps to narrow it down i talked to some people about it and they said is just normal under load on a 4 cylinder i also have 33 inch tires that might be the cause


33 inch tires? Not only does this put much larger than normal stress on the drivetrain due to the increased rolling resistance and increased weight leading to premature wear, it also articulates the universal joints much more than they’re designed for…unless, of course, you’ve tilted the engine back to compensate.

My guess is that the grumbling is coming from the drivetrain (read: U joints or, if yours is a long chassis with a carrier bearing, possibly even the carrier. Sounds can and often do sound like they’re coning from a ways away from their actual source.


Agree; any tires substantially larger than the OEM will put undue stresses on various parts of your vehicle. Years ago when hot rodders started putting larger tires in the front they were surprised at the outboard bearings failing quickly. The inboard bearing carries most of the normally; the big tires put most of the load on the outboard bearing. Also, the wheel offset on the large rear tires put much higher load on the rear axle bearings. Much larger diameter wheels will of course put much more stress on the drivetrain components, especially the universal joints.


Check for loose lug nuts too.


I read this “grumbling” noise to possibly be detonation… caused by the oversized tires. There is little to be gained from drasticly oversizing tires unless a total reingineering for a specific purpose is done.


Another suggestion: I had an '87 22R, and sometimes when it was cold outside, the front wheel bearings would “growl”. I think only when the hubs were locked in, but I can’t remember for sure. If this sounds like the problem, try re-packing the front wheel bearings with a different grease. Something that doesn’t “growl” in the winter.