1988 jaguar

I have a 1988 Jaguar. The doors will not open all the locks are up but the handles will not open the doors from the outside. It doesn’t have anelectric door opener I have to use a key to open it. Any ideas on what the problem can be. I have to keep my window open so I can reach in and open the doors from the inside door handle.

Either the latch assembly is hanging up due to age, grease, and dirt or the latch rod that connects the handle to the latch assembly has become disconnected; either due to being forced, a plastic clip breaking, etc.
The door panels need to come off so the fault can be determined. It should not be major.

but why both doors at the same time? But I have seen stranger things happen. Had a jetta with both door locks went out in a 24 hour period, on a trip. Long tow!

Tune into Jag lovers.com. Sounds like time to pull door-paels. XJ-6??P.S. got to love Lucas!!

Common problem I’m afraid and nothing to do with Lucas - who by the way haven’t existed for many years.

You will need to strip the door handles out, if you’re lucky you may be able to ‘adjust’ the control rod with a pair of pliers. If not then you’ll need new door handles.