1988 honda lxi getting too much fuel

88 accord is getting too much fuel to the cylinders.It suddenly happened so I replaced the fuel injector regulator.That didnt help.The shop said it could be the injector o rings or the ecm,main brain box.I did get it to run with the fuel pump fuse out,but it doesnt run well and smokes bad.Does anyone have any other ideas before I buy a new computor brain?


you know how to retrieve them?

u know under the pass seat?

watch the LEDS.

then post back.

This must be one of the first Hondas with fuel injection…Test model stuff. How many miles on this car? Is the “check engine” light on?

yes its an antique,sys,even with no SES light,the puter still stores codes.

step one.

I currently own an '88 Accord LXi. It’s most likely the injector o-rings. That’s the most common cause of this problem. Computer failures are quite rare.

The first fuel injected Honda car was the '85 Accord SEi, which I also used to own, until it was stolen in 1994.

If this happened all of a sudden, it’s not the injector O-rings or anything else mechanical.

I would look at the coolant temp sensor for the computer. If this has failed where it’s telling the computer that the coolant temp is at -40 degrees, the engine is going to run very rich. And never go into the closed loop mode.


On an 88, it’s behind the kick panel of the passenger side.

I dont know if there are any codes stored,the check engine light is not on.The main ecm is under the drivers seat according to the dealership.How do I get the codes, and what LEDS?

The car has 203000 miles on it.

what is behind the passenger side kick pannel?

The engine computer. If the PGM-FI light is coming on, that means that a sensor is either detecting something strange or the sensor itself is bad. The computer has “trouble codes” that represent various problems. To retrieve them on this car, you pull back the carpet by the passenger’s kick panel and there will be a little plastic box with a tab on it (the ECU). You pry the tab off and turn the key to “run” and there will be a little red LED that’ll blink at you. Go here: http://www.troublecodes.net/honda/ and translate what the flashes mean and it’ll give us some idea what’s going on.

Although this would only apply if the PGM-FI light is coming on while you’re driving.

This is an example of why you should really be taking it to a good independent mechanic, preferably a Honda or import specialist. The dealer techs probably don’t remember cars this old! Plus an independent mechanic will be cheaper.

The computer was under the driver’s seat on the 86 and 87 Accords, I believe.