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1988 Honda Accord Sdn - Knocking - what causes this?

.i drove car twenty miles to get parts bei g the car is just my parts runner it has around 180000 miles on it but on way back to my farm i was five miles away and iti heard a noise i pulled over to find out thats it was it was knockin so any clues

Can’t tell much because you didn’t even tell us what part was knocking, so my answer is it could be as simple as a loose exhaust pipe and as complicated as a connecting rod failure.

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Localizing the noise to… let’s say…
from underneath the car, or…
from the inside of the dashboard, or…
from underneath the hood… would help us to at least make some good guesses.

Right now, the info that you have given us is tantamount to calling an MD and saying, “I have a pain somewhere in my body. What is wrong with me?”.

As already mentioned, we need more details. In the meantime, at least check the oil level.


Yes, that would be the most important first step.