1988 Acura Legend--intermittent starting problems

I have an '88 Acura Legend, V-6. For the most part, it’s a great little car, however, there is one small problem that happens intermittently, always unexpectedly, and seems to be temporarily self correcting.

It will roll along just fine for several weeks. Then, for some odd reason, it will fail to start after being driven and parked for an hour or two.

While attempting to start it, the dash lights will come on and a clicking sound is heard coming from the front passenger door speaker.

The battery is good, all connections to the alternator and starter are good and, as mentioned above, this only happens occasionally. Unfortunately, those occasions are always when I need to go somewhere.

After trying everything I know when this takes place (which isn’t much), the car will usually start after sitting another 10 -15 minutes. It starts immediately if jumped though.

This is all very strange to me, especially since the battery is almost new and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to the why and when of this occurring.

Any suggestions?


One possibility is the main relay is failing. Google: Honda Relays

i’ve had the same problem with my 88 acura integra. it has a new battery and more than one mechanic has run diagnostics with no results. has your problem been fixed?

I have not looked into it further since it happens so infrequently, however, it seems that it may indeed be a relay from the research I have done so far.

I’m hoping a few more knowledgeable folks look at this and offer their opinion before I try doing anything since my auto knowledge & repair skills are a bit lacking.