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1987 vw vanagon clutch

I have to pump my clutch server times for 1st and 2nd gear to work. I dont know what it could be need help

Have you checked your brake fluid level lately?
Noticed any leaks?
My 1st suspect

I would take look (perhaps even replace) the coupler between the shift rod and the “hockey stick”. The hockey stick is the angled rod in the transmission nosecone that grabs the correct shift rail. This coupler gets damaged when it is not supported when the engine is taken out.EDIT: This is considering that the hydraulic system checks out

oldschool - does that shift rod/coupler have a plastic bushing on the vanagon application? I couldn’t recall off the top of my head.

The only bushing of any type (and perhaps plastic) was the last outside bushing on the transmission nosecone that goes around the hockey stick. I would say the latest I have personaly installed (that being the coupler) was about 1984.

I have no leaks and the fluid level is max. I have bleed the slave cylinder. it works for a couple time of shifting then i have to pump the clutch pedal a couple of time for the 1st and 2nd gear to work.

Your clutch master cylinder has gone bad and is leaking internally. This is preventing the proper pressure from building up to fully release the clutch. You’ll need to replace both the master and slave together, since they operate and wear in sync with each other. The only time I don’t do this is when the slave cylinder is an hydraulic throwout bearing that requires the transmission be removed to access it.

P.S. With the older pre-80’s V-dubs, it is the engine that is removed. I don’t know if with your '87 this is still the proper method.