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1987 chrysler fifth Avenue issues

So after much tinkering, I have finally figured out my cars patterns and symptoms reliably, now i have my suspicions already regarding thermostat/ coolant temp gauge BUT I figured I would tell my tale of woe here and see what you folks think

My car will start cold no problem, she’s a bit neglected, but I have put a new starter and replaced my bad hoses, it’s been an experience thus far, but recently I have had new troubles

So as I say, it starts cold just fine, and when it warms up it runs fine, no trouble there, but if its warm, I mean even like, a warm rock kind of warm, it will NOT turn on again once shut off, it usually takes about 2 hours but once my engine is cold to the touch, it will start again, now as of tonight I have a new issue, a small pinhole in my radiator, but the cooling issue is older than this leak, and I’m confident that after fixing this leak, it will continue in this way, I can drive about 11 miles before it overheats, and if I turn it off, its 2 hours waiting time pretty much like clock work. Now this pandemic has me out of work and thus - out of money, so I’m hoping I can fix this myself without breaking my wallet over a mechanic, any advice or diagnosis?

All my other components are in fine working order by the way, figured I should add that bit

A leak will not cause overheating unless your coolant level drops too low. You can fill it daily and drive a long time that way. If a part is leaking, you replace that part.
It has the lean burn carb. Unless a former owner removed the setup.

It does not crank? Or it cranks and cranks but does not start and run?

Lean burn was not the carb, but part of the ignition system.

I have very unfond memories of Chrysler vehicles of that vintage. I can only suggest to stop beating your head against the wall. It will feel good when you stop. Otherwise maybe check the engine temp sensor. Does this thing have a carb?

I remember my mom had one and she’d drive it to the first stop sign at about 5 miles and it would stall. Couldn’t figure it out. I overhauled the carb twice. Then my mechanical genius BIL looked at it and grabbed that coin shaped heat sensor and disconnected it. Problem solved. Who knew?

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