1986 olds 2.8 multiport fi

This is my first time so please bear with me. My car is making a popping sound during accleration. I just recently found that the radiator fan is not coming on and I am about to replace the coolant tempo sensor. Could this unit effect engine performance. I am not sure where to check for answers but my E-Mail is


Answers fall back on this page.
If your fan is not running it could be the sensor or the actual fan. The fan not working will only affect how the car runs once the engine gets over start-up temps and the thermostat opens if it is sitting still most likely.
Popping during acceleration could be too much timing or too lean condition on the system as a whole. I am not very familiar with the 2.8, but if I remember right the 3.1 in my 91 Camaro still had timing adjustment for base timing that could be checked and or adjusted as needed. You had to unplug a brown wire if I remember that detail right to keep the computer from adjusting while you were trying to adjust also. Maybe someone has made a change here unknowingly.

Firing order is: 1-2-3-4-5-6. Make sure the plug wires are on correctly. These engines were also known for soft cams (i.e. a cam lobe or two may be wiped out).