1986 Mazda B2000 Engine Stalling at Highway Speed

My truck is stalling or cutting out when I’m at full speed. It seems to do so more frequently when it’s warm out. It will cut out while I’m driving, but if I pop the hood and let it sit for 10-15 minutes it will start up no problem. It usually has a sulphur kind of smell when I restart it. Any ideas?

Maybe vapor lock…

Maybe a clogged fuel filter…

Maybe a clogged and failing catalytic convertor

Do the same test at night… then look to see if any part of your exhaust is glowing red…esp the cat.

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A faulty ignition control module that’s effected by heat can cause the engine to shut off randomly.


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Check for a spark; or lack of. If there is a spark then consider that it may be vapor locking. These things were still using carburetors and vapor lock seems to be more of a problem with Ethanol gasoline. Warm weather is also a factor in vapor lock.

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It may not be frayed wires in the distributor but you can check that just by removing the cap. I would try replacing that module that was pictured and the pickup but it is usually the module going out before the pickup. The other suggestions aren’t bad either.