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1986 isuzu trooper ll

1986 isuzu trooper ll, fuel pump, ignition


I took off my fuel pump, (mechanical), and now I can’t seem to find where the return line from the fuel pump goes. Any ideas?

Had the starter bench tested and it checks okay. Primary to starter is good and hot, 12v. Exciter is good and hot 12v. when ignition is turned on, however is won’t throw the starter. If I jump from battery to the small post, (exciter), then it starts right up. Any ideas?


A mechanical fuel pump shouldn’t have a return line, there should just be the line in from the tank and the line out to the carburetor. It seems like it should be pretty obvious-- can you clarify that problem a little?

As for the starter issue, it sounds like it could be a bad ground or a bad cable. Are you sure you were getting 12v to the positive terminal on the solenoid?

I’ll also mention, just for future reference, that Isuzu for whatever reason is very fond of having their switches control the ground leg instead of the positive leg so, for example, if you’re checking the headlights there will be 12v at all times but no continuity between the ground leg and the frame of the vehicle until you pull out the headlight switch. I don’t think this is the case for the starter, though, especially since you say jumping the positive connectors makes it go.