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1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Draining Battery

I have had my very expensive Italian mechanic go over the car and try to find out why the battery light stays on. I have killed several batteries so far. Part of the problem is that the radio will stay on with the engine off and several times i forgot to turn it off. Mea Culpa. Anyway, he told me that the alternator was putting out plenty of juice and that I should be OK. Two weeks later, the battery is dead as Marley’s doornail. I bought a new battery and told the guys to try to charge up the old one. That was yesterday and I haven’t heard from them. I suspect it is an ex-battery; If it were a parrot, I would think that it would not so much soar as plummet. So, there is a short to ground somewhere. How do I go about finding the short?

Your expensive Italian mechanic doesn’t know his elecktrons. Take your Spidey to an independent shop. The shop doesn’t have to be brand specific. here’s how to check for the battery drain: