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1985 Ford Bronco

There is a lot of play in the steering, what causes the play, is it fixable (rebuild) or is it something like a column that has to be replaced. it is power steering. thanks in advance.

There is an adjustment that’s possible of the steering gearbox. Unfortunately, 99 out of 100 mechanics who make the adjustment, adjust it too tight and put the steering gear box into a DANGEROUS bind when the steering is turned off-center. When misadjusted, the steering can, even, lock up, and your goose is cooked! Seriously.
You are forewarned. Here is the procedure:

The first response sounds fairly competent but also lift the front wheels off the ground and check your wheel bearing adjustments and then check the tie rod ends and ohter parts of the steering assembly. I agree that it is likely the steering gearbox because of the age of the car, but this could also be true for the steering and wheel bearing assemplies.

Wern’t Bronco’s of an even earlier vintage terrible in regards to keeping the car going straight? something to do with suspension type.