1985 Chevy Corvette

I was recently in a accident due to my brakes being non responsive and E brake blowing out while I was on the freeway. After the accident I noticed that my front driver side tire was slightly caved in, tire shop told me that’s a body shop job because of frame and suspension damage. I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me an estimate on price to repair.

The car may not be able to be repaired. C4 Corvettes use high strength steel for the unit body that cannot be bent back in place. If the frame rails are bent the car is done.

If the suspension and or bolt in crossmember is damaged, those might be replaced to repair the car. The cost, however will exceed the value of the car.

And no one can give an estimate over the internet with a single picture for damage like this.


Your tire is turned. Is your steering wheel pointed straight ahead? Or did you turn it so we can see the wheel well damage more clearly?

Frame, suspension, brakes and body work, more than likely it’s totaled and not worth fixing.

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Got insurance? This is a good time to get them involved. They know good body shops that can give you a valid estimate for repairs.