1985 Buick Regal frame restoration

How much will it cost me to sand blast/restore the shell and frame? How much should I be expecting to pay for a full restoration? Buick Regal Limited Edition

It’s highly dependent on what needs to be done. And to what degree you are willing to compromise on the level of stock looks and perfection. I expect you already know this, but most older car restorations end up costing considerably more and taking more time than initially expected. Not trying to discourage you, I like to see those older models put back on the road in good condition, but just a heads up what to expect. If it is drivable, take it to a couple of restoration specialty shops and give them a chance to take a look at it.

That is a question that can’t be answered on the web. Even restoration shops will not give an estimate . They usually only give the hourly shop charge.

What was the answer in that Chevy Chase movie? How much you got?

Yeah it really depends but if you are talking pulling the body off the frame, I think you are in the 20 to 50K territory.


I went to a car show last summer, and one of the owners had restored a Ford truck, 67 I think. B/c I have a Ford truck too, I pointed out a tiny imperfection in the paint job in the engine compartment, fire wall area, and at that point the owner said “hell, you are right, I should just sell this truck and start over with 66”. … lol …

@bing has the right answer!

If the car is in good shape with little rust, it will cost more than the car will be worth when it is all done.

If there is any rust in the body and serious rust in the frame, it will cost waaaaaaaay more than the value of the car when it is done.

The actual number depends on where you live, the skill level of the shop, and the quality of the work. A shiny paint job might cost $2000. A show quality one would exceed $20,000. Just for the paint, nothing else.

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Take the high end of what you think it will cost. Multiply by two. That’s what it’ll really cost when all is said and done.

A ‘frame off’ restoration is VERY expensive. Why are you thinking of doing this?

Is there any (I mean ANY) rust?

And add a zero to the left of the decimal point! :rofl:

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If you’re a very very good body man with good mechanical and automotive electrical experience, then you can make some money doing it. If you have to farm everything out then it’s almost never worth it.

Most people do it for the love of the vehicle…cost is not considered. Pride of ownership when complete is their only option. You can go bankrupt if you’re not careful.

Sandblasting and painting the frame and shell alone will cost more than the car will ever be worth unless money is no object and you look at it as a labor of love.

If it was a Grand National then maybe.

One problem with sandblasting body panels is that it can leave an uneven surface and will involve beau coup bunch of time and money to correct.