1984 Volvo Diesel

I need a injector pump for the 1984 Volvo Diesel model GLE. Motor was originally by VW if that helps. If not available, can I adapt another invector pump? If so, which one. Please email me at HEN29FIN@MSN.COM

This is a very common part. It can’t be hard to find. IIRC, all those old Volvo Diesels used basically the same parts to '93. That engine was indeed by VW- for commercial truck applications.

Contact Giles in Canada to investigate having your pump rebuilt.

If I’m correct, that car has the Volkswagen D24 (2.4 litre 6 cylinder?) engine? Try searching for that injector pump.

does this car still have a body intact?

I’d bet it does. Those old Volvos are indestructable. I’ve never seen a 240 series with any rust through, and I live in the Northeast. If I owned one, you bet I’d do everything I could to make it last forever.

I recall there was a statistic that said that there was not a single collision fatality of an occupant of a Volvo 240 in the US over a 10 year span.

How do I contact Gilrs of Canada

Yes. It is an Arizona car and in great shape.

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