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1984 Nissan Sentra with a howling noise from the front of the car

Hi, I have a 1985 Nissan Sentra with 100K miles. I have a new wierd howling noise coming from the front left of the car. It matches the speed of the vehicle. The faster i go the loader the noise. The noise is the same if I accelerate or deccelerate and the same around either a left or a right turn. It also the same with the transmission in drive or neutral. THe noise is very load around 55mph and gets progessively louder as the care reaches 75mph. I don’t want to give the cap up. It’s been in the family now for twnety years. The body and inside are in perfect condition. I appreciate any help you cn be on noise…

If it’s a wind noise, it’s entirely possible that a neoprene gasket and/or wheel well liner and/or splashguard somewhere has deteriorated beyond holding the wind back.

One trick you can try (beyond a search for the above possibility) is to jack up each wheel and spin it by hand. If you get an unusual noise from one wheel you should check the bearings.