1984 Landcruiser Timing Belt

Does this year Landcruiser have a timing belt that needs changed every 100K miles or a chain that doesn’t need changed?

Jim, The Gates Timing Belts Site Doesn’t List A T-Belt For That Vehicle. That Should Indicate That You’ve Got A T-Chain. Have You Got A Toyota Owner’s Manual / Maintenance Information ?


The owners manual doesn’t mention a timing belt or chain anywhere including maintenance schedule.

Jim, I’d Betcha That If It Had A T-Belt It Would Be Listed Because They Have A Change Interval Recommendation, Whereas A Timing Chain Does Not.

I’m 99% convinced that you do not have a timing belt but you can call a local Toyota dealer for confirmation.


I agree with CSA. Gates lists a lot of belts for your truck, and does not mention a timing belt. If you really-really want to know for sure, contact your Toyota dealer. Poke around Gates for yourself:


This may be a “gear to gear” setup, I know when Landcrusier used Chevrolet 6’s in them it was “gear to gear”. Didn’t Landcrusier use the 292 (or some other inline 6 from the U.S.? perhaps the 235?)

Good memory, it has a gear-driven cam and was based on the Chevy engine, per wiki:
“The F engine block, crankshaft and lower end assembly is loosely based on the 1939-63 G.M.C. L6 OHV 228 OHV engine but with a taller deck (rather than the similar but smaller Chevrolet 1937-63 Gen-2 L6 OHV engine), and built under license. The cylinder head and combustion chamber is derived from the Chevrolet L6 OHV “stovebolt” engine, slightly scaled up.”