1984 Ford Van Alpine 302/2bbl & 1986 Dodge Custom 100 Pickup 318/2bbl

I accumulate little mileage on the referenced vehicles: Ford - about 5K/year; Dodge - about 2K/year. I note that the vehicles are in very good condition for their age as I keep up with mechanical and appearance maintenance. Using the general standard of 3K miles/3months duration between oil changes the time expires before mileage accumulation. So my question is: Does it make any significant difference to go, say, 4-to-6 months between oil changes considering only one or two thousand miles of driving? I am using 10W 30 oil. Thanks.

On my older trucks like this, I use a one year or 5K miles on the oil change rule. So far, that has worked for me. Your frequency would do well, also, it is just costing you more per year, perhaps.