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1984 ford truck f250

my truck dies after running for awhilewhen i try to start it it wont start it will also do this while im driving down the road i replaced the distributer rotor and plugs it didnt work

Too many possible causes and too little information here rodslai. The engine, driving conditions when this occurs, FOR INSTANCE; From a cold start drive 8 to 10 miles at highway speeds with no indication of a problem and it suddenly dies but refuses to start for 20 to 30 minutes depending on the ambient temperature… You would get a half dozen really good hits that might put a smile on your face if the gear heads here had something to work with. Give it another shot.

The ignition module is most likely to blame. These modules are fickle, especially with this kind of age, and can cause these problems. It may be mounted to the fender or in a gray casing attached to the distributor.

In an 84 Ford, if not the plugs, replace the wires.

So try replacing that big old module. It should be up over the left wheel well almost at the firewall. It used to cost $22. The parts store might ask if it is a blue grommet or black grommet module.

The grommet is where the wires go into it. It will look black from the top. The true color will appear when you turn it over because it gets dirty on top.

That module is the #1 cause of “it stops running”. The module will get hot and the engine stops.

I have also cured that type of problem on old Chryslers and Fords by removing the external condenser that may be connected to the distributor. It looks like a metal fire cracker. I don’t know if the owners ener replaced them. Their vehicles quit running near my house. They drove away happily.