1984 Ford F-150 - is starter combined?

I have a 1984 Ford F-150. It definitely needs undercoundercoBut right now I need paint for my truck, I will do it myself, because right now it could not hurt, plus I need a selnoid, they ask me it its starter combined, ink, do you? It a 303 mote, automatic, 8 cyl. 2 barrel

Get it running first, paint later.
Undercoating a 35 year old truck would have no purpose.


Look up your truck on rock auto and see if you see a starter solenoid like the ones pictured on the inner fender under the hood. If you do, it is not starter combined.

I don’t remember going on this site… Wow, anyway the motor is good, only 84.000 miles what do you suggest?

Well the truck needs shocks all around, I installed the starter selnoid but the cable from the battery is way too short, what should I do?

??? You removed the starter solenoid and now the battery cable is too short to reach the new one? I’m very puzzled.


You can have battery cables made any length you want.

Mark me done as puzzled too. Maybe the wire was corroded & broke in the process? In any event most any auto-electric shop could fix this for you OP. Ask at your local parts place too, maybe they have a generic part fix. If you want to purchase the part via the internet, and RockAuto doesn’t have it, the LMCTruck website may.

I may be biased b/c I have an older-than-yours 4WD Ford truck w/302 & C4, but I think you are well on your way to a nice truck. Only 84K miles? That my friend is a very good starting point. A 302 with a C4 or C6 automatic and 2 BBL Motorcraft 2150 carb is a very good combo for the powertrain. Tough as nails. And you probably have electronic ignition, even better. Hopefully you have the Ford 9 inch rear differential too. The biggest downside you are facing is probably just the price of gasoline.

All the truck needs is a '79 model carburetor and distributor properly installed. Those last years carburetors were used to attempt to meet emission standards were a real pain.

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Good point. Can’t speak to the distributor issues, but reverting to a 70’s-era carb seems like a good idea for OP’s truck. If OP’s not seeking peak performance, racing etc, might even want to go back to an Autolite 2100 carb. A even more simple carb design than the late 70’s Motorcraft 2150, no metering rods in the 2100. If later OP wants a more sophisticated fuel system capable of better responsiveness & more power, upgrading to an aftermarket TBI electronic fuel-injection system is definitely possible, albeit a little pricey.

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Where could I purchase one at ?

LMC Truck has aftermarket electronic TBI fuel injection systems for F150’s in their catalog I think.