1984 dodge daytona turbo z

hey i have a 84 dodge daytona turbo z and when i go to shift in 5th gear it wont go into gear at all but i can shift into all the others just fine anyone kno anything?

do you mean that the lever will not go into 5th gear, or that the lever will go but when you let out the clutch it acts like it’s in neutral?

the lever wont go in

The shift lever wont go into 5th gear

The check out procedure is to disconnect both shift cables at the transaxle, and see if the shifter lever moves freely through all gate. If ok proceed with a cable adjustment that requires a inch pound torque wrench and fabricating adjusting pins. This Procedure is too detailed for me to explain, however the instructions are in the Haynes manual that cost $15.00 dollars at http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/x,carcode,1089187,parttype,10335
Its always possible you have lost 5th Gear
Good Luck

Thx ill try that

Amazing ! A 26 year old Dodge Omni 024 still on the road. Congrats !

Actually, the 1984-1993 Dodge Daytona’s were not built on the VW Rabbit/Omni/Charger platform, but instead built on the AG platform which was related to the K platform.