1984 Cadillac Eldorado - Stalls with half a tank left

Car engine stalls as it nears last 8 to 10 gallons of gas.

has either the fuel pump and/or the fuel filter ever been replaced?

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If you open the gas cap at that point, do you hear air being sucked in? Does the car start after that?


I am original owner. Car runs fine until it reaches about half tank of gas. Then it stops running. Wait for a minute or two and it starts up immediately. Then it will drive for a little
longer and then shut off. I did drive the car till it stopped and would not start till I put 4 -5 gallons in the tank. Started up and I went to a gas station and filled up. I suspect that over
the last 36 years the gas tank has been compromised with contaminants.In 36 years and 43000 miles this is the only problem I have had. Car is kept in garage since new. I have
replaced the battery about every ten years and tires once.

Thank you


I haven’t tried that yet. I’ll try it and see what it does. Car has 43000 miles and I am original owner. I think the fuel tank ma y be filled with contaminants over the last 36 years.



Sounds like the intake tube fell/rotted off the pump. If so the sock filter is no longer protecting the pump and fuel delivery system…

I think @lion9car may be correct about the issue. There is a vacuum developing in the tank as the fuel is used up. The tank isn’t venting to the air for some reason. If you want to prove it, leave the gas cap loose and drive it to see if it still dies on you.

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