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1983 volvo turbo

Hi- I have an 83 turbo (240 turbo? the bumper just says Turbo) with 169k (original everything). A guy was admiring the car and we got to talking and he mentioned that I would need to get the Turbo serviced before 180K. Does anyone know exactly what this means? This is my first car and I readily admit that I do not know a whole lot, so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I don’t know about turbo servicing. You’ll want to get connected with the 240/turbo owners forums, they’re an enthusiastic (some might say NUTS) group of folks, they can tell you everything you need to know about maintaining the ‘brick’. Just google ‘Volvo 240 forum’, several popped up.

I’ve never heard of servicing a Turbocharger as part of routine maintenance. There’s nothing to service. The best thing you can do to prolong turbocharge life is to religiously change the oil at shorter intervals and allow the engine to ide for a minute if the engine has been driven very aggressively a moment or two before.

The only thing I can think of is cleaning out the oil feed, but more importantly the return line, as they tend to coke up.

Don’t mess with anything…don’t dislodge any junk and send it into the turbo. Do as mentioned…frequent oil change with quality oil and let it cool after a hard run (idle). Clean out your flame trap too