1983 Tiffin Allegro - quit turning over

I have a 83 tiffin allegro on a chevy chassis. Has a 454 engine. Been sittin all winter went to start it today, and was turning over fine then just quit turning over. I have headlights plus battery has full charge. Has new starter. Wipers don’t work no accessories work. Was wondering if it might be the ignition switch?

Diagnose the problem, find the problem, fix the problem.

Don’t guess, change parts, truck still broken, change more parts, truck still broken and on and on. don’t be that guy.

Check the battery for voltage, jump the starter solenoid with a remote start switch, does it crank? No? Not the ignition switch. Yes? Check for voltage FROM the ignition switch at the starter when cranked. No? Check for a blown fuse or burned fusible link.

If you are confused by any of this, or don’t even own a multi-meter, take it to a reputable independent shop for repair.