1983 Nissan 280zx sat for 3/4 years

Changed the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, all injectors, dropped gas tank, drained and cleaned it, changed fuel filter, changed all spark plugs, cleaned map sensor. It starts up but doesn’t stay running, have tried spraying starting fluid in throttle body and does the same. Check fuel lines, they have pressure and I’m getting fuel all the way to the injectors. Please help me out if you have any ideas.

Also got a new battery.

I’d look for a venting problem in the fuel tank. If air can’t get in, then fuel flow will be reduced. When the car stalls, take off the fuel filler cap - any “rushing” noise is air going into the tank. Try running the motor without the fuel cap in place - any difference? It could be an internally decomposed fuel or vent line that is kinked, or collapsed. Old cars that are exposed to our modern ethanol containing fuels often have fuel line problems. The ethanol softens the rubber in the lines and they break down internally. They can look ok but aren’t and the problem is tough to track down. You might have to replace all the fuel lines to fix it, not easy or fun.

The problem might be with the air flow meter.

Before they came out with Mass Air Flow sensors, some fuel injected engines had air flow meters.

These were sensors that had vanes that were moved by the incoming air into the engine to inform the computer how much air was entering the engine to get the fuel mixture right.