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1983 Ford E350 - Help me fix my home

Hello I have a Ford class c Motorhome 1983 with a 460 Holley carb and I get hard starts after it runs… The time it takes to stop and get gas it cranks for a long time but starts. Just replaced the wires cap and rotor… plugs… Ignition module and coil… It was doing this before and after tune up… Any ideas?..carb was rebuilt 4 years ago. Fuel filter was also replaced with tune up.

If the gasoline you use contains ethanol, the problem might be vapor lock.


Take a jug of water with you. The next time it does this, pour the water over the fuel line starting from the carbas far as the rear of the engine. If it starts quickly then it is vapor lock… Reroute or insulate the fuel line.

Otherwise on older vehicles I’ve been a fan of a mechanical choke. Then you can choke it or not choke it depending on the circumstances. Otherwise you depend on the choke control to pick the right setting. My 68 Dodge would crank and crank due to the choke unless it sat for quite a while after running it.

Use the old school “repair”. Wrap aluminum foil , shiny side out, around the fuel in engine compartment. It might work.