1983 Chevy Travel Mate Sitting For 2 Years and Owner's Manual Needed

I just purchased a 1983 Chevy Travel Mate and it does not have an owner’s manual. Does anyone have one they could copy and send to me or tell me where I can buy one? It does not turn over when I tried to start it. It was supposedly driven there and then left to sit for two years. Can use a lot of help on getting it to turn over and get it running. Any suggestions?

Remove the gas cap and smell the odor coming out of the gas tank. Does it smell like gas? Or does it have more of a rancid/varnish odor? If it’s the latter, the entire fuel system will require rebuilding before the engine will start.


You need a repair manual first then an owners manual. The owners manual is great for info on the truck but next to useless for trouble shooting and repairing.

Did get a chilton repair manual from library but still need an owner’s manual to figure out the inner workings on other stuff like water system,propane, batteries etc. Thanks for the tips, has tried to start but will not stay running, will give it the sniff test LOL!

Put 5-10 gals of gas in it with a good fuel cleaner also. Then once you get it running. change the oil and fuel filter. Don’t drive it till you change the oil. Also change the trans fluid. That means drop the pan and new filter. Next change the axel lube and brake fluid. You should have changed the oil before you tried to start it.