1982 Honda Civic Wiring Diagrams


I have a 1982 Honda Civic 2D hatchback, 1500GL. I’m having electrical problems with the headlights/taillights (low-beams won’t come on, high-beams work fine, taillights work intermittently), and I can’t seem to find anyone with access to the wiring diagrams to fix it for me. The Honda dealer won’t touch a car over 10 years old that they haven’t worked on before, and they couldn’t even tell me whether the 1982 wiring was the same as 1983 (for which the local mechanic has access to diagrams). They recommended I go to the library and see if I can find the old diagrams on microfilm…

Does anyone know if the 1982 wiring is the same as the 1983 wiring? Or does anyone have the 1982 wiring diagrams? Many thanks!


This is the best I have.