1982 Ford Bronco runs for a few minutes, floods

starts , runs few minutes then starts flooding. running 7200 vv carburetor

Carb rebuild time! The float valve seats are likely rotted away from the ethanol in modern gasoline. And this wasn’t a great carb even then.

The problem might be with ignition control module.


The ICM functions in two modes

These are the start and run modes.

The ICM may function fine in the start mode, and the engine may run for a moment, until the run mode of the module fails.

Just an idea.


I have a Ford truck w/a carb too. Older than your Bronco though. Maybe you can explain your symptoms a little more OP. So it starts ok, then it stalls within a minute or too after starting? If so, why do you think the stalling is b/c of carb flooding?

I have retrofitted many of the older Motorcraft 2bbls to replace the VV carburetors on various Ford vehicles. I gave up trying to rebuild them and off the shelf rebuilds were worse than my efforts. There is a definite drop in performance though.

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Those 80’s carbs tended to be difficult to diagnose & repair. My parents had an 80’s Subaru and had to sell it b/c their mechanic couldn’t figure out how to repair the carb problem. Rather than battling 80’s carb designs, I like @Rod_Knox 's idea of reverting to a Motocraft 2150 or even an Autolite 2100. That sounds like an excellent approach. You may loose some oomph during accelerations, but you’ll be much more likely to have a smooth runner once you get the carb tuned to the engine. My 45+ year old truck is equipped w/ the 2100, and after a carb rebuild, runs really rather well. It’s not going to win any drag races, but it definitely has considerably better acceleration than my 90’s fuel injected Corolla. The M 2150 carb is basically the A 2100 with metering rods, next best thing to a variable venturi. If you just can’t quite figure out what is wrong w/your carb, there are shops who specialize in carbs. You just mail your carb to them, and they’ll figure it out, make the repair/adjustments, and return it to you by mail. One is called “the carb shop” as I recall. I think that’s in the LA area. That’s only effective if the carb is the root of the problem of course.