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1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass - Bracket help

where can i find an alternator bracket, mine broke. i have been looking in several places. are there substitutes for it?

Might help us if you would tell us what engine you have. Might help even more if you told us if your car has AC.

For a car that is 37 years old, your only hope of finding a part is junkyards, Oldsmobile forums or Oldsmobile specialty sites. I’d also suggest maybe you could find a welder to fix he bracket since finding one will be very difficult.

If it’s just a piece of sheet metal with some holes in it, you could take the broken one to any machine shop and they could make a new one.

Yeah I agree with just making one or welding up the old one. How bad could the break be? Usually one of the mounting hole which can be repaired. Even if it broke in two it can be welded back together. The problem with junk yards is that they don’t keep cars very long anymore. There are some that specialize in old cars like French Lake Auto Parts north of Minneapolis and that would be your best bet if someone like Rockauto doesn’t carry one. No idea how many years the same bracket was used.

Take the broken bracket to a muffler shop…

And ask one of the tech’s if it can be welded.

If they say, “Yes it can!”

You ask, “What do ya drink?”