1981 Ford F100 - Fuel filter

Ford F-100 series pickup truck.
Prior owner had to change the fuel filter more than several times,
“I’m not even lying”
Because I myself have put at least(4)fuel filters in it and it still needs another.
Did some quick browsing and it is suggested modern gasoline tanks would not require this type of maintenance(Period).
Wondering if a filter can be placed before the fuel pump to protect the pumping device from damage of unknown debris source.
It is suggested by:
Naval military sources:
(Metal shavings)are a unknown foreign body issue in fuel tank applications in some cases:
Documented third party.

And no one has even thought of cleaning the fuel tank or installing a new one .


40 year old fuel tank made from steel. Captain Obvious thinks there is rust inside the tank clogging the fuel filter.

Another less obvious consideration is the ethanol in modern gasoline is deteriorating every bit of old rubber in the fuel system incuding the carburetor. This will not end until all the rubber is replaced to ethanol compatible rubber fuel lines and gaskets.


That 1981 pickup had an expected service life of maybe 10 years. And here we are 40 years later wondering if it needs fuel system work.

Replace the gas tank, the fuel sender, the fuel pump, all the rubber lines, and overhaul tne carb. Inspect and flush out the steel lines on the frame, replace them if needed. And install an additional fuel filter before the pump.


A 1981 cannot be compared to say a 2011 model. Whole different ball of wax.

As mentioned, the tank is steel and should just be replaced. Forget this metal filings business. You should be able to get a new tank for 100-150; maybe even less all depending.

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