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1981 Corvette Stalls Occasionally at Stop Lights

My 1981 Corvette drives fine the only problem is if I am at a stop light for a long time and I don’t put the car in park it will stall. It does not stall all of the time only on rare occassions and when I take my car to a mechanic it of course does not stall.

Yesterday I was at 10 stop lights and nothing happened and then at the eleventh stop light there was a fender bender and I was stopped at the light thru 4 changes of the light and the car stalled. So far the car has always started right back up.

Last year a mechaninc pput a new fuel pump in the car but when I drove over 45 mph the car would stall thus the mechanic made an adjustment. Could my problem be the fuel pump?

My only other guess is the catalytic converter.

Please help as so far no mechanic has been able to help me.

you need to determine if the stall is the result of a fuel/air issue, or a spark issue. Since it is intermittant, and it starts right back up, this is not going to be easy.
given the year, does it have a carburator or is it fuel injected? If the former, it could be a sticky float, if the latter, a clogged injector or failing injector coil, or even, worse case, a failiing injector timing circuit. so many possible problems, so hard to narrow it down to one.

The car has a carburator and is a manual transmission. The car normally isles around 700-800 rpm and I now stop at a stop light far away from the car in front of me and if I catch the rpm’s dropping to 600 and if I am quick enough to step on the gas pedal a little bit this would occassionally stop it from stalling. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.